Nueva Publicación de Ricardo Gutiérrez e Isabella Alcañiz

Ricardo Gutiérrez e Isabella Alcañiz publicaron «Gender, land distribution, and who gets state funds to stop deforestation in Argentina» publicado en Journal of Environmental Management.


Payment for Environmental Services (PES), a financial mechanism that pays stakeholders to conserve and protect ecosystem services, is a critical policy response to climate change.1 In the fight against deforestation, PES are used to pay landholders to not cut down trees in order to benefit from the ecosystems services associated with preserved forests, such as carbon storage, vegetation, and wildlife diversity. To implement successfully, landholders in areas where deforestation is intensifying must be targeted, yet research shows that access to climate remediation funds can be distorted by existing social inequities (Yang et al., 2018; Fortnam et al., 2019). Historically, land ownership has been skewed across gender and class lines (Kieran et al., 2017; Deere and Leon, 2003; and Agarwal, 1994). That is, men significantly outnumber women as titleholders and land tenure tends to concentrate in large holdings. Yet in recent times, gender mainstreaming and other policy interventions attempt to rectify past disparities by targeting women directly and generously (True and Mintrom, 2001; Poulin et al., 2016). Is the distribution of forest PES also skewed by gender and land concentration? Or as a government intervention, do forest PES in Argentina have a compensatory effect in favor of women and small agricultural producers? We answer these questions by analyzing how land owners in Argentina access state-funded Payments for Environmental Services in exchange for not logging native forests.

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