Nueva publicación de Lucas Christel y Elisabeth Möhle en el Boletín de Investigación Latinoamericana

Lucas Christel y Elisabeth Möhle publicaron el artículo «Divergent Valuation Languages, Sustainability and Environmental Governance: Lessons from a Mining Conflict in Catamarca, Argentina» en el Boletín de Investigación Latinoamericana.


Although many studies focus on environmental conflict and debates around sustainable development, more research is needed to deepen the understanding of the links between the frames upheld by actors involved in environmental conflicts and governance processes. We propose a dialogue between political ecology and governance to study how divergent valuations of the environment shape intense and long-term mining conflicts and impact on environmental governance. Focusing on the case of La Alumbrera in Argentina, we argue that three factors disrupt environmental governance and deepen the conflict: divergent valuations that consolidate a growing distance among the images portrayed by the actors; the unequal emphasis that the actors place on the problems and solutions that mining generates; and the inability of the state and mining corporations to process the notions of difference that emerge from the territories.

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